Missoula International Airport

5225 Highway 10 West
Missoula, Montana 59808

PFC Quarterly Reports

Missoula International Airport (MSO) participates in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) program. This program uses revenues derived from a per-passenger charge to fund capital improvements at MSO.

PFC's are essentially a user tax paid on airfares from Missoula International Airport. The PFC program was created by Congress in the 1990 Aviation Safety and Capacity Act (ASCA) to offer a new funding source for airport capital projects. It is intended to assist airports in funding major infrastructure development and is charged to enplaning passengers only. Collected PFC's are designated to fund very specific capital projects that are formally approved by the FAA. They can be used to secure and pay financing for FAA approved projects.

Currently, MSO collects a fee of $4.50, minus an 11-cent handling fee to the collecting airline. The PFC application process takes approximately 6-9 months, and begins with the identification of potential projects. Project descriptions and justifications are formulated and project costs are estimated. This information is provided to air carriers serving the airport who are then allowed to comment on the projects. Following this consultation and comment period, a formal application is submitted for consideration by the FAA.

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 PFC Quarterly Reports - 2014
 09/2014                   PFC Quarterly Status Report - 09/2014
 06/2014                   PFC Quarterly Status Report - 06/2014
 03/2014                   PFC Quarterly Status Report - 03/2014    
 PFC Quarterly Reports - 2013
 12/2013                   PFC Quarterly Status Report - 12/2013
 09/2013                   PFC Quarterly Status Report - 09/2013
 06/2013                   PFC Quarterly Status Report - 06/2013
 03/2013                   PFC Quarterly Status Report - 03/2013    
 PFC Quarterly Reports - 2012
 12/2012                    PFC Quarterly Status Report - 12/2012
 09/2012                    PFC Quarterly Status Report - 09/2012
 06/2012                    PFC Quarterly Status Report - 06/2012 
 03/2012                    PFC Quarterly Status Report - 03/2012

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